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#UrbanCityTakeover Exclusive 2019 Track Event and Car Show (completed)
#UrbanCityTakeover Exclusive 2019 Track Event and Car Show (completed)
#UrbanCityTakeover Exclusive 2019 Track Event and Car Show (completed)
#UrbanCityTakeover Exclusive 2019 Track Event and Car Show (completed)
#UrbanCityTakeover Exclusive 2019 Track Event and Car Show (completed)


#UrbanCityTakeover Exclusive 2019 Track Event and Car Show (completed)


🏆 #UrbanCityTakeover 🏁

Exclusive Track Event and Car Show at Autobahn Country Club

      Get your car on a race track and experience the roads like you never have. Whether you have a competitive lifestyle or want to push your sports car to the limit, this exclusive event is where you want to be!
      Come join us at the #UrbanCityTakeover Track Event. The Best in Show Trophy and Best Rev Trophy will be announced at the closing of the Event! Don’t want to track you car? Then register to display your ride and have a chance to win the 2019 Best Display Trophy. Spectators can enjoy the track views, go kart, enter raffles, and indulge at the Track Cafe.
More details below:


Saturday, June 22, 2019


Autobahn Country Club Joliet

3795 S. Patterson Rd, Joliet Il, 60436

Start: 7:00 AM
End: 5:00 PM



UrbanCity, Llc brings to you,

#UrbanCityTakeover Summer Track Event. A Saturday morning, where all makes and models can enjoy a full day on the race track, giving you the ultimate racing experience.
All contenders will compete for the 2019 #UrbanCityTakeover, Best in Show Trophy, Best Rev Trophy, and Best Display Trophy.
Track day starts at 7:00 am, there will be a mandatory safety meeting at 8:00 am in the South Tower. The driving groups will be established based on Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced drivers. No experience necessary.

Novice: little to no experience
Intermediate: more then average experience
Advanced: Licensed racing and experienced track drivers
Autobahn will rotate 20 minute track sessions for each group. There will be a one hour lunch break around mid day and will continue the track day until 5:00 pm.
 South Track features 15 turns at 40 feet wide and 2.1 miles long with a straight line of 1,850 ft.  



7:00 AM

Entrance Gate Opens

8:00 AM

Mandatory Drivers Safety Meeting

9:00 AM

Start your engines

12:00 PM

Lunch Break 

*Display my Cars "Car Show" roll in 

4:00 PM

2019 #UrbanCityTakeover Trophy Winners Announced

5:00 PM

    Track Closes


Don’t want to track your car but want to put it on display at the show? Select the *Display my car package and register for your chance to win the 2019 Best Display Trophy 🏆 

*Display my Car Roll In Time "Car Show" :  12pm-5pm



Come join us on our track day! More surprises to come.

This is an UrbanCity Exclusive Event. The track will not be open to the public. Only registered drivers and spectators will be allowed inside the Autobahn Country Club premises. 
Drivers and Passengers must have a DOT helmet with a SA2010 or newer rated SA helmet. Drivers or Passengers will not be allowed on the race track without one. UrbanCity will have DOT helmets for rental. There are only a limited number of helmets so please try to bring your own. They are worth the investment for any future track days you may attend.
There will be a gas station at the track but it is recommended to fill up before track day because gas can be pricey at the track.
To make any track event possible, a lot of manpower is needed. Autobahn Country Club will have there professional race control teams, corner workers, and ALS Safety Team attending #UrbanCityTakeover Track Event to ensure we all have a great experience on and off the race track.
One passenger may be allowed with the driver on the race track. Drivers and passengers must be at least 18 years old to participate in this UrbanCity event.
Spectators (18+) can enjoy the seats in the tower or stands for amazing views of the race track and indulge at the Track Cafe. The Go Kart Track will also be open for guests to race in go karts reaching speeds of 50+ mph. All Access Spectator Passes are available for purchase. Get behind the scenes of a race track with filming crews, UrbanCity Models, 100+ registered sports cars, and network with industry vendors and sponsors. This Event is also on

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You grant UrbanCity llc, permission to post videos and photos of you on Social Media. Social Media posts are intended for informative and exposure purposes only.


None! Just tag @UrbanCityLlc and use hashtag #UrbanCityTakeover when posting, Thanks

Social/Networking gathering for the car enthusiasts

Get your car photographed & posted on our Social Media,
Filming crew will be on site, we will ask a few lucky contenders to show case there car on camera.


There will be a cafe inside the race track open from 9am to 3pm. You may bring tents, coolers, and grills. Make sure to clean up after yourselves as this is a private Country Club.
UrbanCity, Llc is not responsible for any loss of or damage to any property, including theft. UrbanCity, Llc is not responsible for any injuries to persons on or off the track.
This is a rain or shine event. Autobahn Country Club has a top of the line drainage system to handle rainy days. This type of engineering and track development enables racers to continue race days without the extra slippage on the track. Your safety is our number one priority.
Thank you,
UrbanCity Team
*Please print ticket or show voucher at Entrance Gate*
Please email us at:
Brought to you by: UrbanCity, Llc.