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#UrbanCityTakeover Spring Car Show 4.28. (completed)


UrbanCity #Takeover Car Show 


Coopers Corner

27W150 Roosevelt Rd, Winfield, IL 60190

        Start: 10:00 A.M

        End: 3:00 P.M

UrbanCity brings to you, #UrbanCityTakeover Spring Car Show. A Saturday morning on April 28, 2018, where all makes and models will compete for the UrbanCity Spring 2018 Trophy . Enjoy the food/drinks at Coopers Corner, and network with industry vendors. 

Car Show Register

Only preregistered cars will be selected to compete against some of the rarest, fastest, and most unique rides in the Midwest. We require that you send an application email to at the time of registration payment. In the email you must include: at least 3 photos of the car, along with vehicle details (year, make, model, and a modification list). Minimum of 3 cars to compete in a class. 


***Trophy Classes***

Best Of Show

Best Modern Muscle

Best Classic Muscle

Best JDM

Best Euro

Best Exotic 

Best Paint/Artwork

Best Classic

Best Antique

Best Domestic

Best Fitment

Best Engine Bay

Best Hot Rod



Registration for all vendor packages is now available. Message us with serious inqueries only.


None! Just tag @UrbanCityShop_ or use hashtag #UrbanCityTakeover when posting, Thanks 

Brought to you by: UrbanCity llc. 

Social/Networking gathering for the car enthusiasts 
Get your car photographed & posted on our Social Media
Meet the UrbanCity models 

UrbanCity is not responsible for any loss of or damage to any property, including theft. UrbanCity is not responsible for any injuries to persons.
Canceled Event
If the event cannot take place, in whole or in part, because of an National emergency, act of God, extreme weather, or any other cause beyond the control of UrbanCity, UrbanCity llc will reschedule Event at a further date.
Social Media
You grant UrbanCity llc, permission to post videos and photos of you on Social Media. Social Media posts are intended for informative and exposure purposes only.

(NO REVVING/BURNOUTS/RACING) Loud Car Music is NOT allowed, we are surrounded by a residential neighborhood and cops will shut it down. Those who break the rules will be asked to leave and no longer accepted at future events. This is not a racing event, UrbanCity will hold racing events in the near future, this is not one of them! 
Thank you,
UrbanCity Team 

*Please print ticket or show email voucher